Roof Air Flow, advanced innovation from CAPTHAI More than just a UV hat

Air Flow Innovations a new design innovation from CAPTHAI NO.1 UV Hat that has been inspired by the concept of a two-story house roof, the “Roof Air Flow System” to meet outdoor activities and sports needs. We use air ventilation under the roof idea to let the wind blow heat accumulated under the roof including the heat inside the house that floats in that area to make the house cool and comfortable.

This idea was transferred through the design of SAHARA collection as a feature of Performance Hats that has exceptional functions to reduce heat and allow air flow. Moreover, it comes with special feature manufactured with special fibers, Bamboo Carbon helps slow down bacteria growth while protecting over 90% of UV rays (both UVA and UVB)and lightweight. CAPTHAI’s fashionable functional cap is super comfortable to wear, no musty, even wearing in the sun for a long time. Get you ready to have fun with friends and family wherever and whenever as said our slogan “Enjoy Life Under Sunshine “

Thinking of UV hat, Think of CAPTHAI No.1 UV HATS.