Freshy in a Rainy Day

Welcome the rainy season with our hats that have rain wade function without fear for damage. CAPTHAI NO.1UV HATS is ready to protect you in all situations, both waterproof & antibacterial.

Our hats come with rain wade function that manufactured from Polyester Taffeta with specially woven through the fabric treatment process to have waterproof properties as well as being resistant to sunlight as fine, the fabric is smooth and lightweight that suitable for wearing.

Not only protect you from the rain but they also combine the special features of fabric produced with Bamboo Carbon Fiber that slows the growth of bacteria to help reduce moisture from sweat and surroundings, moreover, also give a soft touch, comfortable to wear and easy care. Foldable wide brim hat is a novelty design that modern, convenient to carry and can be used on both sides to MIX & MATCH with daily life comfortably all year round. It comes with hand strap to hook with your bag or hang your neck for chic and practical look. Then you are ready to enjoy outdoor activities in the rain without worrying about your hat.

Thinking of UV hat, think of CAPTHAI No.1 UV HATS

“Enjoy Your Life under Sunshine”